On 25 February 1961, our  institute was founded to establish and develop canned food industry in Bursa where is a city of Marmara region and majority of vegetable and food demand of Turkey is supplied. Institute was named as “Research  Institute of Canned Food ”
In accordance with its duty, our  institute has been leading to design machines used in food sector, develop new manufacturing techniques of canned food, tomato paste, fruit juice and new food products, improve development of package production firms and help firms to improve their production quality. On the frame of economic development plan and program; Our institute was  charged with developing  food industry, giving training courses, performing researchments and food safety controls  by our ministry. From this point of view, Our institute was revolved with its property to General Directorship of Food on 19.08.1974.
By Feed Low numbered 1734 and published in 1982, institute was charged with feed control and  staff started to perform researchments to solve problems of feed industry. After some organizational changes, eventually, Our Institute has been named as “ Central research institute of Food and Feed Control” since 2011.