Ethical Rules

·     Customers’ information (especially  analyze reports) must not be  shared with third parties by the personnel.

·     Regardless of the origin of the sample which institution or organisation it comes from, the personnel must perform the requested analysis.

·     Without any fault cause, Personnel must perfectly perform the analysis by using appropriate tecnology.

·     Personnel should perform their resposibilities within the frame of legislations even if  presence of any kind of conceivably commercial, financial  or other pressures.

·     Executives should treat personnel fairly and should not be in oppressive attitude.

·     Good communication should be established between executives and personnel.

·     Personnel should completely carry out their responsibilities  on time.

·     Personal intrests should not be at the first place.

·     Training and  personnel /professional development oppotunities must be equally provided to each one of personnel.

·     The reward system –to improve performance and motivation of personnels - should be impartial.

·     Personnels opinion should be taken into account.

·     Executives and personnels should be transparent in their all activities.

·     Institution facilities should be used ecomomically.

·     Discrimination should not be applied.

·     Working hours must be taken into consideration seriously.

·     Executives should be in supportive to help personnel.

·     Executives and personnels should trust each other.

·     Personnel can communicate with top executive whenever they need  by following related procedures.

·     Whole interrelations must be based on  humanity, courtesy.

·     Institution facilities should be used fairly for whole personnel.

·     Occupational  segregation should  be avoided.  

·     The institution should form good relationships with  its  all stakeholders.

·     The personnel should not act  perniciously to their colleaques for  their personal interest.